Theo Stoppels

I strive to make unique pieces, of exceptional quality. I value honesty in design, and truth to materials. I leverage my design skills, using modern techniques and processes to achieve results that still echo traditional values of craftsmanship and design. My designs are often dictated by my fascination with connections, assembly, and the way pieces and materials are joined together. I am passionate about details. My design process is never rushed, because while I believe perfection is impossible, time and thought should be taken in an effort to achieve it.


Though I enjoy creative liberty with custom pieces, I am passionate about working with my customers to create objects specific to their needs. I enjoy keeping the design phase an open conversation, discussing aesthetics, functionality, and use cycle.

I would love to hear from you, and am happy to chat about working together to bring an heirloom piece of furniture to your home.


Theo Stoppels






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